September 2018 Newsletter

Going for Gold Panel WHIAAPI – 2018 AAPI Youth Summit

On August 2, WHIAAPI held their 2018 AAPI Youth Summit at Google’s D.C. headquarters and built on a tradition of connecting with young Asian American and Pacific Islander leaders. The White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (WHIAAPI) invites AAPI students and interns to educate, connect, and inspire the next generation of AAPI leaders every year. This year’s theme, “Going for Gold,” highlighted AAPIs across different industries and throughout the federal government. Holly Ham, WHIAAPI’s executive director delivered opening remarks about her youth and her inspiration to go for gold in both the private and public sector. She introduced Aerica Banks, chief operating officer of the Asian google network, who welcomed everyone to Google’s space.

Panel Moderator and ACE Board Member, Bill Imada, introduced the summit’s special guests and panelists. Bill Imada is the founder, chairman, and chief connectivity officer of IW Group, a communications agency that consults on the growing multicultural markets. The special guests were Thomas Hong and Domee Shi. Thomas competed for Team USA in short-track speed skating at the 2018 Winter Olympics. He talked about what it meant for him to return to his birth country of South Korea while representing Team USA. Domee went on to become the first woman to direct a Pixar short and directed and wrote “Bao”. She shared her experiences in the differences in the Asian experience in Canada and the United States.

Verizon Briefing at the Verizon Business Center 

On August 8, National ACE attended Verizon’s briefing on the next generation of wireless technologies. It focused on the idea that wireless data is growing, and that Verizon must expand its wireless network to keep up with consumers. It also emphasized the need for small cells which can blend into the existing environment and can be installed on top of utility poles, street lights, or signs. Small cells are essential because different locations require different solutions and prepare us for the next generation of wireless. 5G, also known as fifth generation wireless technology, will allow for enhanced mobile broadband capabilities that are up to 100 times faster than speeds today. In February of 2017, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued a “Notice of Proposed Rulemaking” to promote the rapid usage of advanced wireless broadband service. The FCC action is important because it will increase investment and create jobs.

Meeting with Governor Hogan

On August 8, the State of Maryland and Governor Hogan honored ACE’s CEO, Chiling Tong, with the Governor’s Citation to honor her leadership and outstanding volunteer service that she has provided to the community.  Ms. Tong spoke directly with Governor Hogan about ACE’s Policy Agenda and the ways in which we can work together with the Maryland Economic Development Corporation in order to advance the priorities of Asian American business owners throughout Maryland. ACE looks forward to its continued dialogue with the State of Maryland and future collaborations around shared priorities.


National ACE Attends Comcast Briefing: Internet Essentials

National ACE was pleased to participate in Comcast’s discussion of their expansion of their acclaimed Internet Essentials program, the nation’s largest and most comprehensive high-speed Internet adoption program for low-income Americans. The call was held on August 13 at 2:15pm ET and was led by Comcast Corporation Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer David L. Cohen. This year’s program expansion will be the second largest in the program’s seven-year history. The call also featured Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson and Monique Lamoureux-Morando, U.S. Olympic Gold Medalists on the USA Women’s Hockey Team.

Mr. Cohen provided updates about the internet essentials program and wanting to bridge the digital divide in America. Between 2011 and 2018, more than 6 million low income individuals were connected to broadband services. He wants to increase this to an additional 2 million individuals. Allowing low income individuals’ access to internet creates access to resources and information. Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson and Monique Lamoureux-Morando shared their experiences growing up in North Dakota without any internet service at home. They faced a digital divide and shared that no internet access prevents young students and families from accessing information, applying to jobs, and helping kids do their homework.


WHIAAPI/MBDA/National ACE Program Review
This call was held on August 16 to review the current status on programs and discuss upcoming events. Events that were mentioned in the call were:
a.     9/18/2018 – Federal Contracting Seminar (National ACE – Matthew Lee)
b.     9/19/2018 – Regional AAPI Business Summit – LA (WHIAAPI Regional Network – Paul Chang)
c.     11/13/2018 – National AAPI Leadership Summit –( MBDA – George Mui, National ACE – Bill Imada)
d.     5/10/2019 – 150 Anniversary Chinese American Contribution to Railroad – (WHIAAPI – Holly Ham, MBDA-George Mui)

Expanding Global Opportunities for Minority Women & Women-Owned Business Webinar 

This webinar was hosted by EXIM, ACE, and APACC and was held on August 23 at 2pm. Alicia Green from APACC and Chiling Tong from ACE gave opening remarks and Michael K. Jackson, the Lead Business Development Officer for EXIM lead the webinar. The webinar’s main topics were how to extend credit terms to foreign buyers, access capital to finance export sales, and protect against risk of buyer non-payment.

Mr. Jackson provided a background of EXIM Bank and their mission to create and sustain jobs by increasing U.S. export sales while having no cost to taxpayers. He also emphasized that EXIM bank supports small businesses. In Fiscal Year 2017, EXIM bank authorized over $2.2 billion of financing to support U.S. small businesses. They also had more than 2,240 small business transactions out of a total 2,460 transactions in Fiscal Year 2017. EXIM bank also supports a variety of industries including Manufacturing, Medical Equipment, Mining, Renewable Energy, and Oil and Gas. EXIM Products can assist businesses with working capital guarantee, having the funds to pay for raw materials, labor, and supplies. EXIM may be beneficial to your business if you have a foreign buyer that wants credit terms or if you export routinely but your growth in foreign sales is limited because of risks of non-payment.


Upcoming Events
Minority Women’s Business Conference
Date: September 6, 2018
Time: 9AM-3PM
Location: San Jose, California
Host: ACE, California Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce
Event Type: business conference

  • Interactive panel discussions featuring powerful entrepreneurial women of color in business and politics.
  • Panel on women in technology
  • Discussion on methods and strategies towards strengthening leadership skills in business, career and life from an entrepreneurial perspective
  • Networking with other business owners, leaders, nonprofits, political leaders,

EXIM Export Essentials-Michigan Symposium 
Date: September 12, 2018
Time: 8:30AM-12PM
Location: Farmington Hills, MI
Event Type: Symposium

  • EXIM Overview
  • Topics including How to Find Foreign Buyers, How to Increase Export Sales, Working Capital for Export Sales,
  • Question and Answer Session

Federal Contracting Advocacy for AAPI Businesses 
Date: September 18, 2018
Time: 5:30-8:30PM
Location: Rockville, Maryland
Details: National ACE and KoBE are hosting a federal contracting opportunity seminar that will offer expert consultation services to assist building small businesses and create mutually beneficial relationships with the U.S. Government, the largest purchaser of goods and services in the world. Participants will learn to showcase their services and products to potential buyers, gain exposure to industry leaders, and learn to successfully grow their business within the public sector

Regional AAPI Business Summit
Date: September 19, 2018
Time: 8:30am-2:00pm
Location: La Verne, CA
Host: University of La Verne, SBA, MDBA, ACE
Event Type: Summit

  • Leading experts from multiple federal agencies will present tools, strategies, and best practices for AAPI businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Educate and connect businesses to federal resources and create networking opportunities
  • Sessions on current cyber security issues, import/export support, and government contracting opportunities

National ACE/ACE Foundation Board Meetings
Date: October 12, 2018, 12-5pm
Location: Boston, MA

NextGen Annual Conference
Date: October 12-13, 2018
Location: Boston, MA
Host: ACE NextGen, ACE
Event Type: Conference
Details: The ACE NextGen Annual Conference brings together the participants of our flagship program that serves as an innovative, diversity incubator for AAPI Millennial Entrepreneurs (MEs). The conference focuses on developing, promoting, and supporting the enterprising requisites and needs of this next generation by thoughtfully executing a comprehensive program that speaks uniquely to this enterprising generation. The Annual Conference is the culmination of a year training and participation in an information-sharing support network of entrepreneurs and business owners of AAPI heritage that ensures more small-business enterprises succeed in building their businesses, exchange best practices, find ways to capitalize their businesses, and create new, sustainable jobs.

National AAPI Leadership Summit
Date: November 13, 2018
Location: Washington DC
Event Type: Summit / Panel

  • Panel discussions about leadership
  • Small breakout sessions (1) education/continuing education; 2) the role of arts and culture; 3) civic engagement/leadership development; 4) business development.)