July 2018 Newsletter


ACE NextGen Launches its Latest Chapter in Washington, DC

ACE NextGen continues to grow and expand its reach. Its latest chapter, NextGen DC, was launched on June 15, 2018 by Rebecca Li and John Victoria, who will strive to connect millennial AAPI entrepreneurs across the DC Metro area. This network will have access to mentoring opportunities, educate and promote skills, and provide resources to support AAPIs.  Patrice Cleary, the owner of Purple Patch, an American Filipino restaurant in Washington, DC, graciously hosted the launch event at her establishment.  Ms. Clearly spoke to the group about the importance of giving back to the community, treating your employees with dignity and respect, and following your dreams. Tim Hwang, the founder and CEO of FiscalNote, also provided remarks.  Mr. Hwang is a successful entrepreneur, having started many businesses at a very young age. He told his inspirational story and work experiences leading up to the establishment of FiscalNote. He is a prime example of being a millennial entrepreneur, working hard to achieve success. National ACE is proud to support and guide this next generation of entrepreneurs.




ACE Meets with US Chamber of Commerce

National ACE, along with our Board Member Jimmy Ferguson, met with Vice President Rick Wade and David Hinson of the US Chamber of Commerce. We shared some of our recent work with them and spoke about collaborating on future projects pertaining to millennial entrepreneurs and various programmatic initiatives. Our two chambers share similar interests and issues, and we look forward to working with them for the benefit of small businesses across the country. 


MOU Signing with WTCC Overseen by Ms. Holly Ham and Mr. George Mui

On June 18, delegates from World Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce visited National ACE in Washington, DC to sign an MOU. We were joined by Executive Director of WHIAAPI, Ms. Holly Ham and Senior Business Development Specialist from MBDA, George Mui. They both gave welcoming remarks to WTCC and praised the new partnership. WTCC has a large presence internationally, with delegates coming from Australia, New Zealand, and Luxembourg.  The mission of WTCC is to cultivate various regional business associations to be united within a larger international network, to foster the members of WTCC and to strengthen Taiwanese organizations. They aim to promote interaction and cooperation of industrial and commercial interests amongst WTCC members, and to promote social interaction, communication and exchange of expertise amongst members of different countries and members.




Jimmy Ferguson Hosts Texas Asian Chambers Meeting

The Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce (CEO Marina Bhargava and chair-elect Yuen Yung) came together with other chambers from Dallas (Gal Jumaoas and Rowena Watters), Houston (Milton Young and Walter Lawson), and National ACE (Jimmy Ferguson) on June 28, 2018 to discuss how they can be a stronger voice for the APA business community at the state level. They plan to put out a report on our economic impact, and will have be visiting the Texas Capitol next year to present the report and the policy agenda.


A Conversation with US Senator Chris Hollen 

On June 3, U.S. Senator Chris Hollen of Maryland hosted a town hall meeting to discuss a range of federal issues important to the AAPI community. Senator Susan Lee, Chair of the Maryland Legislative AAPI Caucus, gave remarks on legislative updates.  Town hall meetings are important to the public policy process and allows for our Members of Congress to address issues and concerns directly with their constituents. Being able to hear feedback will help them make decisions better, while also sharing the work being done in Congress.


AARP’s “Listen and Learn” Breakfast Roundtable

National ACE joined a roundtable hosted by AARP where their senior leadership met with business leaders from diverse communities. They discussed issues the communities are facing. This was a great opportunity for National ACE to share our perspectives with AARP and to work together with communities on these important issues. AARP executives were on hand to provide updates on their new programs and initiatives, including an online toolkit and resource guide available to their employees who are also caregivers, and the AARP Employer Pledge Program – a group of employers who support the value of older workers and equal opportunity employment.


ACE Strategic Partner

In June, Google launched its 2017 economic impact report that shows how American businesses are using Google’s products and platforms to grow and succeed. Google’s search engine has the capacity to help nonprofits, businesses, publishers to increase traffic to their websites. Their advertising tools generated $283 billion in economic activity in the previous year, and Google is able to help businesses of all sizes, large and small, in advertising and gaining more customers. National ACE is proud of our strategic partnership with Google and appreciates the support they provide to our members. 





Career Brainstorming with Comcast

On June 4, Comcast hosted a career brainstorming meeting with National ACE, APAICS, and APIAVote. Comcast’s HR team spoke with us about the importance of recruiting more APAs to Comcast. Here, we came together to brainstorm ideas for Joe Wong, head of HR in the Beltway Region, to pursue in career outreach efforts.



Bill Imada Receives Award

The ANA Education Foundation connects advertising, marketing, and academic communities. At the ANA Educational Foundation Gala, they recognize organizations and individuals for their accomplishments in their industry. Bill Imada received the Sizzle Award, an award that goes to someone who genuinely inspires the next generation of talent. Advertising, branding, PR, partnership marketing, and multicultural communication are his main focuses, and he is committed to expanding diversity and inclusion in the advertising community.



Meeting with Margaret Wong

Margaret Wong is President & CEO of McWong International, Inc. She also sits on the Board of Directors for the CalAsian Chamber of Commerce. Her work includes conducting business between California and China, and wants to promote better business cultural understanding between U.S. and China. National ACE introduced our policy agenda to Margaret Wong and we discussed many of our recent and planned accomplishments. We look forward to having future collaborations working with Ms. Wong in order to better serve our communities. 


National ACE Joins the Census Bureau Coalition

 On June 14, 2018, National ACE was pleased to join in the launch of the Census Business Coalition (CBC) as a founding member. The CBC is a non-partisan coalition that recognizes an accurate and secure census as an economic imperative. Comprised of businesses and associations, the CBS looks forward to working together and teaching their communities about the importance of an accurate 2020 Census. CBC focuses on education, outreach, and serving as an information hub for business leaders.
Chiling Tong, President & CEO of National ACE, said:  “The U.S. Asian population grew 72% between 2000 and 2015 (from 11.9 million to 20.4 million), the fastest growth rate of any major racial or ethnic group. As the organization that represents the most entrepreneurial segment of this demographic, we recognize the economic impact of an accurate Census in 2020. Our chamber is an enthusiastic member of the Census Business Coalition, and we look forward to getting to work!”



National ACE Invited to White House for the Six Month Anniversary of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

On June 29, National ACE was invited to attend President Trump’s remarks at a White House event marking the six-month anniversary of the $1.5 trillion tax cuts. National ACE, representing the business interests of AAPI businesses, focuses on making our businesses more competitive around the world and helping working families that rely on small businesses. AAPI businesses will benefit from a lower corporate tax rate, as well as full expensing of capital investments, which will ultimately allow families to keep more of their earnings.  We look forward to our continued work with Administration officials to ensure the new law will benefit small businesses.